Tuesday, April 26, 2016


    I so can't write the recipe, though! For one thing, the pancakes weren't very good. For another, the cooking was done almost entirely on feel with very little predictable rhyme or reason. Then again, if I COULD write that recipe, well I'd know I could be a cookbook author!
    The problem with my savory gluten-free pancakes is probably that I put in too much stuff. True or not, the problem needing a solution was that the individual pancakes were too thick. Following the directions on the mix led to me having pancakes that were burnt on the outside but raw on the inside, which cuts in on their deliciousness and also their healthiness (or survivability, if you're cynical) since there's raw egg in there. So!
    What I did was get the griddle sizzling hot, pour in the batter, cover, and turn off the heat, setting the timer for four minutes. With two minutes left (i.e., when sizzling had abated), I turned the heat back on (Medium, which on this stove is as high as I ever go). Flip it and do more or less the exact same thing. Covering allowed the heat to pass more nearly all the way through. Turning the heat off allowed the pancakes to cook without burning. I'm pretty charged about doing the same thing with savory pancakes that actually turn out savory. I put in lentils, spices, steamed vegetables, a jalapeno and eventually Pickapeppa and Tabasco sauces. Just couldn't really ramp up the flavor. Next time I'll remember to use Trader Joe's Green Dragon sauce. That'll do it! Anyway, I wish I could report a resounding success, but at least it was a success to the degree that when I get tastier ingredients together next time, I'll know what to do with them. That's a win any day!

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