Saturday, November 14, 2015

3D as in dumb

    One dumb thing was that I turned on the front burner when meaning to use the back, thus burning up my ceramic saucepot. Amelia tried to tell me that I had, but I just thought she wanted to play. Dumb also was not cleaning or renewing the theoretically nonstick pot properly but just heating up lunch in it. I did put oil in it first, though, which leads to the 3D dumb thing. Because it was GREAT! AWESOME! Borderline unforgettable. And the dumb thing is that I've never done this before. I always added water in hopes of keeping reheated food from sticking. I wasn't even trying to eat low-fat; the rationale, such as it was, was that there's already oil in the food. Why add more?
    Mind you, this was a rice dish, so reinventing fried rice could be expected to be really good. I'll try it again with future leftovers. At worst, it ought to help a not very nonstick pot stick less. But I hope it's crazy mad delicious every time.

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