Friday, November 13, 2015

Make! Me! Stop!

    I'm grumpier than I need to me because I keep playing Civilization IV: Beyond The Sword and it keeps being no fun. That is it's crazy fun up to a point and then something annoying and frustrating happens to make the map I'm playing no longer fun. So a waste of time even within the context of wasting time. I do not understand why anyone would release a game where at the lowest difficulty setting anything particularly bad can happen. These guys have been programming a long time; they must know that somebody out there wants a sandbox setting. Well I do at least. Still addicted, though; I WISH I could quit any time I want, but that seems to be a dream.
    The really childish thing is that I could go back to regular Civ IV, which was much easier, but that requires me to keep the CD in the drive. For some reason, this annoys me abundantly. I'll try to get over it; then I can be addicted to something that is at least consistently fun. If, as I recall, boring at the end.
    Downtown U. has a home football game tomorrow at noon, meaning that I'll be under house arrest most of the day unless I can rent a helicopter real fast. This however only affects grumpiness if we lose the game. Snakebit as this team is, that is not unlikely. Tomorrow I resolve to blog about puppies and kittens regardless.

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