Saturday, November 28, 2015

Further microscopically detailed dreams

    Don't worry; I don't remember much. It was a library with new policies. The reading room now was rented to you like a parking place, ten cents at a time. And I'm counting my change with great specificity. As I've mentioned, my dreams are usually non-visual, so it's a surprise when I'm seeing things accurately. Pity it was nothing more interesting than coins. Then I dropped a dime and chased it, by which time I was outside on the pavement. Then I was back inside but unable to find the reading rooms, which were either on the fourth or fifth floor. As there hadn't been any upstairs floors a minute earlier, I was a little confused. Also there were some fellows talking the entire time I was going through the coin rigmarole. I assume that this was due to old-time radio playing in the background as I slept.
    Now I fully understand that this isn't the most riveting anecdote in history. I'm just puzzled by it is all. It doesn't seem to have any relation with reality; it doesn't seem to have anything with processing events, emotions or anything really. It isn't a useful suggestion for how to run a library. Puzzling is what it is.

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