Sunday, November 22, 2015

I always dreaded it

    Long ago when I was newly published, I visited Costco and saw all the deep deep discount books, including some from my publisher. So I knew I would one day be on the remainder shelf, and felt deeply sad about it. Well not so much personally, but deeply sad for the novelists who poured themselves into their dream worlds and now see their stuff marked down 90% at Costco.
    Today I experienced something similar, finding my hiking book at Goodwill. I mean heck, it's been 17 years, and there is another edition and everything. I must say I wasn't very blue about it. It was just a big giggle. I took a picture and posted it on Facebook ("I'm in Goodwill! I'm in Goodwill!") and Paul's mom, with whom I'm Facebook friends, saw it and asked for it. So I had an excuse to buy it, but Paul was nice enough to pick it up for me.
    Being kind of humble, it never occurred to me that she might want it signed. Only later when ex-girlfriend Susan (who took some of the pictures, mainly the ones where I'm wearing a beard) said she was still waiting for her signed copy did I think that somebody might actually want one. Well I have a pen and it's some days until Thanksgiving, so I imagine we can manage this. I PROBABLY still know how to sign my name!

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