Sunday, November 15, 2015

Rocket science again

    Broken record, aren't I? So today's mad Goodwill purchase was 2 enormous Fisher speakers for just under $10. Enormous as in 3 feet high. The receiver that I bought on another Goodwill junket earlier in the year connects to speakers using plugs. These speakers though connect via stripped wires. So I can cut the plugs off the connectors the receiver already has, I can get some cables with exposed wire and a couple of plugs that I can connect one end of each to, or I can buy another $5 receiver with the same kind of contacts. (This is a very '80s-sounding blog entry, isn't it?)
    Fortunately, in a world without Radio Shack, I know where to go for cables and connections. (They're called Cables and Connections.) But I still feel like an idiot for not remembering how the receiver connects, fully realizing that this is silly, that nobody would. But still.
    Last night, I had this very, very, very vivid dream that there was a flashing red light just above and outside my bedroom window and I was extremely pissed at the landlord for putting it there. I had to wake up to get over it. I assume this had something to do with morning breaking, although that doesn't look much like flashing red lights. As the lot on that side is vacant, I'm reasonably sure there was no fire truck there, but anything is possible. I still think it's funny, though.

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