Monday, November 30, 2015

No. Yes.

    Credit/debit card payment stations in retail establishments normally give you your total and ask if you want to pay and offer the answers Yes or No from left to right. Lowe's for some reason has it No or Yes and I came within a millimeter of saying No. I suggested to the checker that they REALLY don't want to set it up that way, that it's awfully easy to give the answer you don't mean to. She said that I wouldn't believe how many people hit No and I said that I could well believe it since I had nearly done it. We were very amused about it all; hope the people who hit No are, too.
    This WAS going to be about how magnificent my beef stew is and how my half-assing in the kitchen is getting completely out of hand and how I really have to start writing down what I do so I can replicate these outstanding results. Then I realized that all I did that I don't usually do is put in Trader Joe's Green Dragon hot sauce and McCormick's Gourmet Collection garam masala blend. I may have put in a little more turmeric than usual, but let's face it, turmeric doesn't add much taste. So there you have it: green dragon and garam masala. Magic!
    I just pointed my finger at Amelia and said bang and she ran away. I said, "I didn't really shoot you!" I'm not sure which one of us is the drama queen.
    Dreams last night were weird and detailed but I remember very little. The really odd thing was being on the beach with a woman's voice complaining about the poor quality of the shelling. This should have reflected something from old-time radio, but I just can't remember anything like that ever coming up, nor why it ever would. Then of course a gazillion ants came from nowhere and I was no longer worried about someone else's complaints about shelling. Just damn odd.

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