Thursday, November 19, 2015

Oh stormy

    So there were incredibly noisy (if not exactly violent) storms overnight. However, my brain did not wish to be awakened. Thus when the rains were loudest, my brain sunk me into a dream where I was living in a store at a mall and the person living in the next store over was Jack Black. His employers, whether in the real life movie industry or in a dream life mall industry, were very very unhappy with him. Shoot missiles at him unhappy with him in fact. But the missiles hit my store instead, destroying my car.
    Now in the midst of this dream I woke up enough to realize that what I was hearing was actually a king hell rain storm. But I was kind of digging the dream and wanted to know how it turned out, so I went back under. This is kind of strange because in the dream I was mad as hell that my car was burned up; usually I'm glad to get an excuse to wake up out of heavy anger.
    I dreamed on to the extent that I would want to go somewhere and then realize that I had to walk there, but I'm not sure I ever learned any more about Jack Black and his battle with mall management. Gee, I hope he's OK!

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