Tuesday, November 24, 2015


    Today was another nice day, if cold, so I took the toy through its paces at nearby Pacific Park. Didn't I just say that all the experts were telling me to take off the blade guards because they create huge wind resistance? Yes I did. Boy does that not seem like such a good idea! I had a crash or two today. None were anything I took very seriously; toy operated fine afterwards. However, two of the blade guards were split along one (of three) arms. I may be an idiot, but I suspect that without the guards, those would have been the blades all broky and useless. Mind you, I have extra blades, but they were a pain to put on and I have to assume that they would be a pain to take off, too. I don't have extra blade guards, but I do have super glue. 1,001 uses!
    If you thought that was dull, you should have seen my alternate topics! I finally went back to play Civilization IV without the expansion packs. To make a long story short, I was correct that the starter level was much, much easier on the basic game than after expansion. But a lot of the stuff that was added in the expansions is sorely missed. Still, it's much more of an edge of the seat game, even in spite of being very easy. I appreciate that that makes no sense, but there you go. There's a lot more stuff to do I guess is what it is.
    Also my dreams were as ever very odd last night, but you catch a break since I can't much remember them. The bewildering part was that I was sort of on a major league sports team but sort of a coach or sort of otherwise connected with them. Apparently my job was to keep their wildest player in line. I guess my brain woke up enough to say, You're 53; other than bowling, you're not getting on any major league team. Or something.

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