Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Wanna buy a watch?

    My old watch was still running, but the light no longer worked. Or rather, I would push the button and the display would light up sort of, but the actual time would disappear. So in the sense of actually doing its job, no it wasn't working.
    This watch had been good to me, or anyway the cloth strap had. I'm not fond of metal straps and not much more fond of plastic ones. But it was time for a new one, and Kmart as it happened had a sale. And I found a neat Sharp watch at deep discount and decided to live with the plastic strap.
    I dunno, it's never worked out. I have a tiny tiny bump on my wrist which it just always seems to aggravate. I tried it on my right wrist but that's just too weird for me, and it wasn't overly comfortable there either. So finally I realized that whenever I go out, I have my phone (which features a clock) and when at home I'm often on the computer (which features a clock). The only time I need a watch is when I'm playing computer games and the clock is disabled. So I checked through my dead AA batteries and found one that was only mostly dead, stuck it in my Dad's old clock I got him for the nursing home where he couldn't wear his watch, and bingo, I'm watchless. I'm hoping the dang bump will eventually go away and I can wear my Sharp watch again. After all, you need to keep a Sharp watch.

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