Thursday, December 31, 2015

Can't write; I'm hidin' under the bed!

    I'm not really too alarmed about New Year's Eve drivers. It is true that I got off the road around half past noon. And maybe this is erring too far on the side of caution. But hey-- maybe not. Later when I was out taking my walk (staying off highly trafficked Olympia Avenue) I saw a deputy sheriff's car patrolling Olympia Cemetery. I was well-pleased that it's being patrolled but wondered if it was a zombie check.
    Mr. Harry, the conditionally courageous cat, has mostly been hiding behind the washer-dryer from the fireworks. He's come out now, but not far. Amelia is remarkably blase about the noise. Perhaps at 12 her hearing is not so sensitive. Or maybe she's been living with noisy me too long.
    There's a free show for New Year's Eve in front of the State House. In the past, they had George Clinton four years ago and Kool and the Gang with ZZ Ward opening two years ago. I don't remember other years. This year, it's Lauren Hill. I'm sure it would be a great show, but I don't know anything about Lauren Hill. It's neat that it's free, but I'm not that curious, nor that confident in the weather. So I think I'll remain hiding under the bed. Maybe Harry can make room for me behind the dryer!

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