Friday, December 4, 2015

Odd thing to gloat about, I know

    I stayed up to hear the miraculous (or anyway very very very lucky) ending of the Green Bay-Detroit game last night. I did not have a premonition, a sixth sense or any other feeling that something amazing might happen. It was just plain old common sense; if a team down 20-0 in the third quarter can score two touchdowns in a minute and a half, then they can probably come back at later points, too. However, if anyone wishes to impute to me fabulous psychic powers, well I'm willing to accept the laurels.
    Harry still seems subdued but by no means cowed. Meanwhile shy Amelia is getting a little bit braver regarding the big scary outdoors. She'll go out on the porch, but she comes back in if I'm out of sight. She doesn't try to come back in if I close the door on her from the inside (even though I'm out of sight then) but she comes back in if I close the door from the outside. I'm not sure I'll ever work out the cat logic behind all this, but it's pretty delightful.
    Yesterday's entry was almost impossible to post. I suspect that the new version of Avast free antivirus is even worse than the previous one. And that our little entente is soon coming to an end. Anybody out there with a better suggestion for free antivirus software is oh so welcome to offer one.

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