Tuesday, December 22, 2015

More boredom than I needed particularly, too

    Before I went to Precision Tune yesterday, I went by Time Warner Cable to try to pay William's cable bill using their handy dandy pay and go machine. It only gave me the options to pay with cash, credit or debit instead of the normal magical put-a-blank-check-in-and-your-bill-is-paid method. I asked the nearest service rep what was up and she said I probably needed to talk to them about my account and to take a number and wait my turn. I didn't exactly say anything four letters long and Anglo-Saxon but noted that I couldn't do that right then.
    After car repairs and lunch, I went back and took my number. It was maybe a half an hour wait until they called my number and I went up to the same lady who said that the machine had just needed fixing and would take my check no problem now. For some reason, I wasn't the least bit angry about this. I guess I was hungry for the smart phone Sudoku time. Anyway she was right and the machine worked perfectly. I also explained about the car troubles in the morning so she wouldn't think I was just being rude and impatient. Or anyway so she'd know there was a valid reason.
    I resisted the temptation to suggest that for future ref, they might want to tape a sign on the door saying that the pay and go machine was now taking checks again. Somehow, people never appreciate your pointing out the very, very, very obvious. I wonder about that.

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