Sunday, December 20, 2015

Spoke too soon, # a billion

    As it's been sunny out and got up near 60 degrees, Miss Amelia has of course decided that she must go outside again. Or possibly she's just being a cat. I got her back in once by using the nuclear option (getting the broom, sweeping leaves) but I'd rather do this as seldom as possible, since she's only going to be scared of the sweeping sound and run inside for so long. In fact she faked me out this time and ran away from the door at first; if she'd kept going I would have been truly screwed. Fortunately she reverted to form after that.
    It's going to be warm again in a day or two, so I'll be ever so much more happy to let her out again for at least the week or so that it's warm. Could be worse though. At last night's party, I was told about places further out of town where pet cats are getting killed by coyotes. Hot damn! Something else to worry about!
    A real nice Bernie Sanders volunteer just knocked on the door, which thrilled me to no end, I mean that they are doing door-to-door in SC. As Amelia is scared of people, this may have also solved the WANT GO OUT problem for a little while. I hope.

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