Saturday, December 26, 2015

Dreaming about dreaming about dreaming about...

    It finally happened. I had a dream in which I remarked to someone that I have dreams like this all the time. It was the usual thing. I was trying to get through an antique store where the proprietors had made practically no passageways and were actively moving things in the way of what few there were, especially a long narrow ramp that was the only way to get from one part of the store to another. Then a high white ridge rose up. Another fellow and I, the only ones who seem to have noticed, were trying to get over it, and that's when I made the remark. Why we couldn't just turn around and leave is a question I can't fathom, but perhaps it was an obstacle course antique store and you got points for making it all the way through.
    There was also some business outside involving perilous cliffs and panoramic views. When at the new Star Wars, I thought (not a spoiler), "Oh great, now my dreams are taken care of for the next ten years." Well one night anyway. (Cliffs, I hope, are not a spoiler. Just scenery, really!)

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