Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I'm not funny in my sleep

    Now and again I come up with a joke in my dreams. Until now I never remembered them so I could always convince myself that I had just forgotten the killer joke. Under those circumstances, it's almost a relief finally to remember one. The worst thing is that first I thought I had woken up and really really believed it was the killer joke and was going to post it on Facebook and then... I really woke up. This is the joke, rephrased slightly so it makes as much sense as it can: "If a beef is a fight and hash is a fight, beef hash must really be dangerous!"
    Now in my heart of hearts, I really believe that somehow this joke can be saved, that there's some other beef dish where both parts of the name in some way refer to a fight. Beef stew? No. Beef barley soup? No. I think I just want to hold on to the belief that I'm funny 24 hours a day. I've got it! I'm absurdist in my sleep! That's got it!

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