Sunday, December 13, 2015

Seasonal nap affective disorder

    I don't think I have a lot in the way of seasonal affective disorder anymore as we rocket towards the solstice. I just seem a lot sleepier. I don't feel depressed and especially not extra depressed. Just sleepy early because it gets dark so early. I have no idea how I survived England and can only imagine winter in, say, Trondheim or the highlands of Scotland. Not a fan of short days nor of cold weather.
    Fortunately, we're still getting crazy stupid warm weather. It looked for a while like we might get a December thunderstorm, which would be pretty funny, but nothing came of it. Amelia went out twice and came in both times on her own and seems satisfied with short stints as porch cat. Hopefully, she'll get over it when it's really cold or really hot. I'm still scared to vacuum thinking it might inspire fresh agitation to go outside, but I can't put it off much longer if I like breathing. Oh well, she's coped so far.
    I was annoyed that my cotton blankets had shrunk, and equally at how hard it was to find new cotton blankets, preferably not made in China. Found one at Kmart and a cotton quilt (though made in China) at Kohl's heavily discounted. Queen sized blankets just are not as large as I think they should be, but though these aren't so much larger than the shrunken ones as I would like, they are larger. And should be warmer. This will be nice momentarily when it gets colder.

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