Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Don't you hate it when the thrift store guys have Internet?

    So the reason I look at Goodwill for audio equipment even though what I'm looking for is seldom present is because the locally owned thrift stores are not that free with the bargains. I went to one today and found a Denon tuner very, very, very well hidden. Online reviews were extremely enthusiastic, but predicated on "I bought it for $10 at a thrift store, and..." Dude wanted $100. He would go $75. And it's a good price. But it would be a better price if I needed a home theater system with 10 speakers, which is apparently what this one is for. It's pretty thermonuclear for what I need.
    I can afford it and all. It's just ever so much more fun finding the ultra cool component for ten or twenty dollars than for $75. And I'm a lot less likely to get furious if it turns out to have lightning damage or something at the lower price. All that said, I'm so eager to use my cool speakers that if I haven't found a cheap tuner at Goodwill within a week or so, I'll probably go back for the Denon. I don't think a lot of people are going to find it. But I wish it had been at Goodwill!

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