Friday, December 11, 2015

Too great

    The lawyer for Dad's estate emailed the other day. I was puzzled by it but couldn't figure out why, so I kinda sorta ignored it for a while. Today I looked at it again and figured out why. He referred me to an attachment that wasn't there. So I emailed him back remarking about this. What's great is that Thunderbird (the email package, not the inexpensive wine) saw the word attachment and reminded me to send an attachment. I think maybe I'll suggest that the law firm switch to using Thunderbird (the wine or the email package).
    Having two indoor-outdoor cats running my life continues interesting. Amelia just wants to be on the porch to look around. She doesn't really want to do anything. So far. It's that so far part that worries me, that and the whole Curiosity killed the cat thing. But I think it's making her happy, we're probably all breathing a lot better getting more fresh air, and she deserves a better look at the outside world after ten years. How I'll feel about this when it's cold again is quite another question.

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