Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The brave 'splorer

    Amelia the cat, after ten years of being an inside only cat, has decided that she wants to see the world. This would not be news if I spoke cat; it turns out that her tearing up the area in front of the front door over the last year or years means "LET ME OUT!!!" Since I don't trust her too much in the big dangerous world, I'm spending a lot of time on the porch keeping an eye out. This is pretty funny since the cats have fur coats that they were born in but I dress for polar exploration just to sit out on my (admittedly pretty shady) porch.
    She doesn't go far. At first, she wouldn't leave the porch. Then she went down one step. Then she went down two steps. Today she went all the way down and went most of the way down the walk. She doesn't actually interact much with actual soil. I don't know if she's prissy or what. But she's bright-eyed as anything out there, so I figure it's a good thing.
    She also runs back in a lot. Sometimes she hears a person, sometimes a dog, sometimes a door slam. It's weird what alarms her and what doesn't (freight trains don't, for instance). All this means that I need to leave the door open all the time, OK now that it's almost winter and the bugs are less savage. But this won't be much fun some day soon when it's warm again and they're out in their gazillions. Maybe it's time to buy a house with an enclosed porch. Or find my little girl a new home.

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