Friday, December 18, 2015

Paragraph breaks, indents

    Huh. About a month ago, the composition page for Blogger started looking different. A little different. Almost exactly the same until you add text. That showed up in a totally different font, but I figured this was the only change, a minor, tiny one.
    However, I finally got around to looking at one of my entries as posted on the Internet (as against just what it looks like on the composition page) and found that my paragraph breaks and indents as created in Notepad had vanished. (I've been composing in Notepad all along since you can't put in indents on the composition page, anyway not without switching to composing in HTML which isn't one of my favorite things. I just checked; you still can't.) So for the past month or so, my blog has been going out as a block of text. So if you've been reading it, all apologies. This here is an attempt to see if I can get any kind of break in. If not, it's been fun but it may be time to go. Although it might be fun to free-form it for a while. Blank verse blog? Cool!
     Edit: Huh. Turns out I had at some point inadvertently hit the HTML button. Hitting the Compose button instead gave me back my breaks and indents. Well that was simple! Now to go back and fix the old ones.

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