Saturday, December 19, 2015

Kitty roller coaster

    I'm pretty sure I've already said at least three times that the revolution is over, the will of the resistance has been broken, the kitty is willing and even eager to stay inside. And uh these statements proved to be a little on the over optimistic side. Not in the Rumsfeld realm, but maybe a trifle over optimistic. Today is cold. That certainly didn't stop her yesterday, but she's mainly been nappy all day and only bugged me a very little bit, wasn't overly whiny and gave up pretty quickly. This in spite of the fact that Harry was out gallivanting in the cold for most of the afternoon. All this means is that it has been a good day today at least as far as kitty whining goes. Hopefully this keeps up. I am not holding my breath. But if it holds up a couple of days until it's warm again, I can go for it.
    I'm invited to parties today and tomorrow. I was also invited out on Hallowe'en. It's like a new world! Unless Miss Amelia has just been resting up for a truly magnificent whinefest, I expect to be going to both parties.
    My beef stew always tastes good but the meat is always too tough because I don't cook it long enough. So this time I cooked it for freaking hours. If it doesn't turn out this time, darn it, I'm looking for gluten-free Dinty Moore!

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