Friday, December 25, 2015

DJI Phantom = pretty highly recommended

    Or, in a word, TOOOOOOOOOYYYYYYYYYY! My friend Tamara and I went for Indian buffet this afternoon and a Christmas 3D screening of the new Star Wars (also highly recommended). In between, we gave the new DJI Phantom a short test flight. Man, what a great toy! It actually hovers; the other ones were supposed to, but never remotely succeeded. This one goes straight up, comes straight down like an elevator. Looks like new horizons in total insane fun. Unfortunately, the park we were playing in was just starting to dry out after the latest round of insane rains. And the Phantom featured dire warnings about bad things that happen if the battery gets wet. So we didn't play with it long.
    Drawbacks are few. The company forces you to register to use the app. You have to have the app to control the camera. On the bright side, you control the camera via your phone, clamped to the remote control. I didn't know how yet so I have no pictures or video, but it looks straightforward, even if the controls are small. I had been thinking it just filmed everything all the time, because the phone display shows little still pictures of whatever the camera is looking at. I guess you could say it transmits video but doesn't record it unless you tell it to. I'll see.
    Regardless, crazy stupid fun toy!

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