Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Easier than I expected

    I've been meaning to switch the rotten stinkies (cats) to wet food for ages but was stopped because the last time I tried it didn't go well. Or at all, really. At the time, Alice's older cat had died and we got a ragdoll kitten who was unclear on the whole ragdoll concept and thought she was a ball of fire instead. She ate all the wet food and Amelia showed little interest in it. So I thought she just preferred dry and left it at that.
    I knew that Harry felt differently because he would come running every time I opened any vacuum sealed can. So when my friend Tamara gifted the cats cans of high-end grain-free cat food, I was happy to give it a try. They went nuts! But in a good way. They didn't fight over it. Amelia ate her fill and Harry cleaned both plates and I think everybody was pretty satisfied. I bought another 14 cans. Today was the first day I fed them morning and afternoon. It went well. Tamara was here for the latter so I let her feed them. Harry, who had earlier run from her, suddenly regards her as his very bestest friend. Amelia isn't that easily won, but she dug it, too. So that went well!
    Tamara and I went to Charlotte in hopes of getting her laptop fixed at the Apple Store, but before Christmas turned out not to be the ideal moment for that move. And the rains came down astonishingly hard, complete with lightning and thunder. So we bailed, but not before having an outstanding meal at favorite Spanish place Miro. My favorite Charlotte Ethiopian restaurant has closed, but Miro continues to thrive, if in a new location. We were best pleased.

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